It's not just a wine tour,
it's a wine experience

Imagine that you had your very own wine expert taking you on a journey across the most stunning wine regions of the world. Imagine no more...

With Criterion Wine, you'll learn about popular and little-know wines, explore stunning wine regions like Bordeaux and Champagne, sit at the table of historic wine makers, stumble across secret vineyards and sample local cuisine with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team by your side.

Can't decide on a wine tour?

Why not come along to a wine tasting where you can meet us and other wine enthusiasts like you? At Criterion Wine, we also run the free London Wine, Dining and Travel Meetup and hold several wine-related events every month.

So whether it's discovering a particular wine vintage at the London Meet-Up group, a weekend wine holiday in Europe or a week learning about food and wine matching in South Africa – you'll return home having experienced something truly memorable.

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