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Alsace Wine Tour 2021

An Alsace wine tour was a fabulous way to get back to travelling in 2021. If there was a vote for the prettiest wine region in France, Alsace would be sure to win! And after seeing ‘chocolate-box’ villages and vineyards crawling up the steep hills, we can certainly vouch for that. We visited six wineries and savoured a big range of rich, opulent wines from the various grape varieties grown in the region. At one winery there was a marathon tasting of 39 different wines – a bit much for some! We enjoyed the gastronomy which Alsace is famed for, and the highlight was our first group dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant, matched by wines from a winemaker in the same village. We even had a tour at a majestic castle sitting high above the valley floor.

Our base was Colmar where we soaked in the atmosphere of the avenues and canals lined with half-timbered houses. Walking the streets of the town is like watching childhood fairy stories come to life. Alsace is indeed a fairytale region, and we can’t wait to return.

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