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Northern Greece Wine Tour

We followed the footprints of ancient civilisations as we explored the lesser-known north of the country. We discovered diverse wine regions, off-beat classical sites, mystical mountain-tops, monasteries and stunning scenery. We went to the two main wine regions: Naoussa near Thessalonika and Drama close to the town of Kavala with some special wines. We dropped into some of the best Greek wineries including Gerovassiliou, Alpha Estate, Biblia Chora and Kir-Yianni. We also visited the ancient sites of Vergina, Philippi and Dodoni as well as the stunning Vikos Gorge. As well as the extraordinary mountain-top monasteries of Meteora near the beautiful town of Metsovo. Truly a classic wine tour, in every sense.

The wineries in Drama were definitely the highlight of the tour along with the spectacular sites of Vergina and Meteora. Some lovely hotels in Kastoria, Naoussa and Metsovo.
John Benjamin
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