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Dedicated wine enthusiasts willing to travel the world will be rewarded with award-winning vintages, incredible scenery and warm hospitality from every winery you visit on a tour with us. At Criterion Wine, we have created the finest tours and tastings the world has to offer with reputations for producing the finest wines. From sampling profoundly rich Shiraz in the famed Barossa Valley to sipping world-class Sauvignon Blanc in the Stellenbosch, our wine tours are tailor-made to create a truly unique wine experience that include elaborate tastings, carefully selected accommodation, fine dining experiences and unique activities.
Greece Wine & Classical Sites Tour Greece Wine & Classical Sites Tour
30 April - 08 May 2022
Fully Booked
Campania Wine Tour Campania Wine Tour
24-28 May 2022
Fully Booked
Premium Burgundy Wine Tour Premium Burgundy Wine Tour
22-26 June 2022
Champagne Weekend Tour Champagne Weekend Tour
15-17 July 2022
From: £400.00
Ribera del Duero Wine Tour
South Africa Wine Tour South Africa Wine Tour
17-26 February 2023
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Wine tours are among the most popular speciality holidays in the world today. Wine lovers are venturing far and wide to explore the world of wine, venturing not just to France for Bordeaux but to far-flung locations in Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia and even Japan and China. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, wine connoisseur, or a complete beginner developing a newfound love for wine, our tours are unique escapes that combine great wine, gourmet and regional cuisine, and culture.

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