Well, we have to keep our spirits up somehow don’t we? Being confined to home is not great, especially when the sun comes out, but we all have to do our bit for the health of the nation and for the amazing people who work in the NHS. Thankfully in this household one thing we won’t go short of is wine! In fact, we have far too much so it’s a good opportunity to crack open a few bottles. Just don’t count the units!

Some of these wines were bought during a wine tour and are not available in the UK, but otherwise I include the retailer and price. Here’s the first couple:

Monemvasia Kydontisa 2018, IGP Peloponnese, Greece
Monemvasia is a unique place in all of Greece, almost at the southernmost tip of the Peloponnese. It’s a huge slab of rock, with sheer cliffs rising hundreds of metres from the sea, linked to the mainland by a single causeway. The medieval village enclosed within the walls of its kastro (fort) provides a warren of alleyways which, in spite of its romantic setting, somehow manages to avoid the excesses of mass tourism.

The Monemvasia winery was founded in 1997 and now produces a wide range of wines all from indigenous grape varieties, some of which are grown only in this region, including of course Monemvasios, named after the village.

Kydontisa is another local variety which had almost become extinct before being revived by Yiannis Vatistas and George Tsibidis, owners of the winery. The grape translates as ‘quince’ which not surprisingly is the predominant aroma, but there’s also hints of stone fruits and flowers, and a fresh, clean palate with fine balance. Think albarino meets fiano meets malvasia! It’s a steal at £10.99 from All About Wine.


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